No advertising

There's no ads on Picture, your attention and your pictures are not the product. You are our customers. The service we offer you is hosting your pictures.

Pay as you go

Cloud providers charge, on average, about €0.10 per GB of data stored or transferred per month. On top of that we need to add computing costs, payment processing fees, taxes, and developer time, which add up to about €1.00 per GB to make it sustainable.

€1.00 per GB
of data stored
or transferred

We measure the data transferred by monitoring every picture downloaded. And at the end of the month we also count how much space your pictures are taking on our servers.

Free trial

When you sign up you will be given 1GB of data for free to test the service. No credit card required. After that you will have to top up your account balance to keep uploading new pictures.

No termination fee

You can stop topping up your account balance any time. If it becomes negative you will not be able to upload anymore, and your account will be deleted after a grace period.

Host your own instance

If you have a lot of pictures or are experiencing a lot of traffic, our service costs might be too much for you. The good news is that Picture is open source, so you can always host your own instance!

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